Getting Started with Account Issuer

Welcome to Account Issuer:

Corserv’s turnkey credit card Account Issuer program enables client banks to offer their own branded credit cards to their business and consumer customers. Client Banks own the interchange, loan interest, and fee income but with a shared Sponsor Bank to support network sponsorship, risk, compliance, and servicing functions. Client Banks review/decision applications that do not reach an automated approval decision and have transparent access to program data and a servicing portal.

In the turnkey, cloud-hosted Account Issuer program, Corserv provides cardholder, business admin, and customer service user interfaces, application management, automated underwriting, reporting, and other features. Most client banks use the turnkey Account Issuer program without change. However, for those that want to access program data, build their own user interfaces, or otherwise interface with the program, developer APIs are available as described here. Any API integration done by a Client Bank must be approved by the Sponsor Bank and tested with Corserv.

💬 Developer API

Corserv’s flexible and friction-less APIs empower our client banks to fully control the user experience of their payment products. Our feature-rich API ecosystem provides access to the data and services.

Our APIs are built using industry-standard security and ease of use. You can access all services in a fully functional test and integration environment to ensure a smooth production implementation.